Things To Avoid In Writing An Academic Essay

  • Things To Avoid In Writing An Academic Essay

Writing great academic essays is an art. Perfecting the art need practice. But before you practice, you need to learn the art. While learning, we make these mistakes that ruin our essay.


Avoiding these things will help us excel in the art of essay writing. 




The first mistake we make while writing an essay is not following the format. This brings, in the very beginning, a terrible impression. Always choose the best narrative essay examples that guarantees quality essay work.


That is why this is considered to be a major turn off. Because your reader irritates at the very first glance, nobody would like to read an essay that does not fit in the perfect format. 




Remember, using simple words in formal writing makes your essay very ugly. These are also considered to be mistakes and can be a reason for pretty low grades. That is why you need to strictly avoid adding colloquial words, slang, and other encrypted words.


Clear Argument


Why are you writing on a specific topic? Either you want to prove something or win an argument. 


A clear thesis statement followed by a clear argument written in natural language can win your reader’s heart. 


The argument part should also be obvious as you are going to convince somebody, and during that struggle, you would never want to confuse him or her. 




Taking up the wrong point of view and trying to prove it is a wrong approach. You have to have a legit point of view that makes perfect sense to the reader. 


Some people write in a very extremist manner while supporting or opposing an idea or a subject. This is by far the most important and highlighted factor, and it is the quickest turn off you can add to your essay.


The reason is, nobody will appreciate biased writing. Biased writing portrays a very negative image, and can potentially harm your grades.


Proper Transitions


Readers don’t like disconnected sentences and paragraphs. You need to connect your sentences and paragraphs through transition sentences. It helps your readers read in a proper flow. Reading in flow, keep them reading till the end of the essay.


If you have a problem learning and using transition sentences, you can get help from an essay writer of your choice and read some good essays written by him.


Keep the Audience in Mind


A significant mistake is writing without keeping the readers in mind. If you did the same, your essay would be of no interest to the reader. You need to learn what to include and what to leave out of your essay. 


In the case of your essay, your audience can be a single person. That would be your instructor or his/her TA. Write your thesis statement in the introduction that your reader gets a clear idea of the narrative essay.  That will make things even easier. Know and understand what that person wants to read is a practical approach to writing a good essay.




Make sure you add the citation to your essay. You don’t want to sound irresponsible and unethical to your reader. 


Citations help you authenticate your evidence and help you convince your audience as your audience comes from an authentic source. 


It shows you are responsible and give credit to others who indirectly contributed to your writing. It also develops a sense of appreciation in you and your readers.

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