Tips For Writing A Descriptive Essay

  • Tips For Writing A Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that is written to describe something from different aspects. This narrative essay can be written to describe a person, an object, a place, or a situation.  

This essay aims to provide enough detail about the topic that a reader can imagine the whole thing in the mind. 

A descriptive essay is usually very detailed. This is why it is the most commonly assigned writing assignment to the high school and middle school students. Writing such essays enhances the writing abilities of students and makes them use their creative writing skills. 

To write a descriptive essay like professionals, below mentioned are some very simple yet essential tips. Follow them and compose an excellent descriptive essay.  


  • Understanding the requirements


Understanding the requirements is an essential part of essay writing. Before you start writing an essay, you need to get yourself clear on the requirements. Understand what exactly you are required to write. 

It is a quality of a good essay writer to understand the requirements in the first place and then follow them religiously. 



  • Take time to brainstorm


Once you are assigned a topic for your essay, make sure you spend enough time on brainstorming. This will carve out your creative thoughts and will spark out some fantastic ideas related to your topic. 

In case the essay topic is not assigned to you, you can brainstorm and find an interesting topic yourself. Long story short, brainstorming, and using your thoughts can make you compose a fantastic descriptive essay. 



  • Create a strong thesis statement


A thesis statement is the essence of an entire narrative essay examples. It is a sentence or two that explains the whole theme and topic of your essay. The thesis statement is stated at the end of the introduction before the body paragraphs start. 

A thesis statement is considered as a presentation of the entire essay. A reader creates an initial image of your essay just by reading the thesis statement.

Ensure that a thesis statement you write is arguable, meaningful, and strong enough to support your essay. 



  • Create an outline


An outline is the most important element of an essay. It makes the writing process way more manageable. Also, it makes the content readable and understandable for the reader. 

Creating an outline will allow you to structure your essay and interlink all the elements correctly.

An outline has three main elements that include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. An outline serves as a guide for the reader through the essay. 

An essay with no outline is baseless and the reader is left in a confusion after reading such an essay.



  • Use clear language


The language you use plays a vital role in making your essay successful. For a descriptive essay, especially, use expressive yet easy words. Since you aim to explain everything, so make sure that your word choice is according to it. 

Also, ensure that your topic’s words are relevant according to your topic and make logic and help you stay in the flow.



  • Use vivid language


For a descriptive essay, the reader must understand what you have stated in your essay and make an image in mind.

For this purpose, make sure that you use some vivid words as well along with explicit language. This will make your whole descriptive essay vivid and interesting. 



  • Use your senses!


It is a matter of fact that anything we explain using our five senses, the person listening to us understands it quickly and properly. Similarly, for a descriptive essay, make sure that you refer to your sense while describing any situation.

A descriptive essay you compose will get appreciation from the reader when they will be able to create an image in their mind with your words. Use descriptive words to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind.  



  • Be organized!


For any essay, is it necessary to be organized, logical, and inflow? Particularly for a descriptive essay, it is easy to become inconsistent as there are many emotions and senses involved.  However, you must strive to present an organized and logical description as much as possible. The reader expects detailed and well-organized information from a descriptive essay. This is why you should create an outline and follow it. It would help you stay organized.  



  • Proofreading 


Proofreading is a very important step for writing an excellent descriptive essay or any other type of essay. It is a simple process of rechecking the essay and picking out mistakes. 

The mistakes might include grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and some structural mistakes in the essay. This is the process that can make your essay a high-quality content that is error-free. 

Many students consider proofreading as a waste of time. This is why they fail to deliver a good quality essay and end up getting a bad grade.


The function of the Descriptive Essay

The sole function of a descriptive essay is to represent a person, a place, or thing, in such a way that readers feel as if it is in front of their eyes. To make the reader have this experience, the best approach is to use your sensory information to describe an object. 

Descriptive essays are of multiple types, and each type is written for the respective purpose. For instance, argument, and you are required to write a descriptive essay. You would choose an argumentative essay format, which is an essential type of narrative writing. 


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